What do we do?

We provide several bespoke furniture solutions for households and offices including understairs storage solutions. We design manufacture and install bespoke understairs storage furniture such as wardrobes, shelves, shoe racks, cabinets, etc. Our designers and fitters are highly trained and skilled. They can prepare wardrobe or storage solutions in any material and finish you want. You can choose from several different materials, designs, and finishes. We have completed countless jobs in the UK for households and offices. Our repute for manufacturing high quality bespoke understairs storage is impeccable. For the best Under Stairs Wardrobes in UK, get in touch with us today.

Why Understairs wardrobes?

In these modern times, most homes are compact and space is becoming a valuable thing day by day. To make the most of your available space you can take several steps and one of them is Under stairs storage. Space conservation can provide you with a lot of benefits if you have a growing family. It can help you prevent clutter and provide your home with aesthetic value. It can give a very modern look to your home. You can use the extra storage for under stairs coat storage, shoes, valuables, and even storing wine.

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How do we do it?

Free Visit: If you want understairs storage for your home, simply get in touch with us and book a free site visit. Our designers and fitters will visit your site and take a look at your understairs area. They will exchange ideas with you for providing the best solution. You can also picture our completed jobs on our website for design ideas. Our fitters will take the necessary measurements and also take note of any special requests. You will be asked about your choice of material, type of finish, and inner layout (such as shelves, drawers, etc.).

Booking Date: On the booking date, our team will visit your site along with all the required materials and supplies. They will install your under stairs storage solution to your complete perfection.

Under Stairs Wardrobes

Need Assistance?

If you have any question feel free to contact us!

Why come to us?

Bespoke Design

Regardless of whether your staircase is big or small, our designers will do their best to make most of your space usable. Every understairs space will get a different wardrobe, and we make sure to provide you with the most effective ones. You can choose among various materials for construction such as Natural woods, MDF, UPVC, Laminate, and others. Each has its features and cost. You can choose any type of finish you like. The internal layout of your storage units for under stairs or wardrobes will be designed exactly according to your requirements and preferences. You can add as many drawers and shelves as you want depending on the size of your under stairs wardrobe.

Affordable Rates

Your cost of Under Stairs Wardrobes depends on several factors such as the material you choose. For instance, Natural woods are relatively costlier but offer a natural finish like no other. You can select from several natural woods each with its appearance and cost. You can choose MDF which is relatively cheaper and is available in numerous colours and finish. Wood laminate is the cheapest and is also a durable option. The internal layout i.e. the number of shelves or drawers you add will also impact the total cost. Regardless of what you choose, we guarantee that our cost will be the most affordable among all our competitors.

Contact Us

Get in touch with us by calling us on our registered number. You can talk to our representative in detail regarding your ideas for Under Stairs Wardrobes. You can check out the pictures of numerous designs we have completed and which are available on our website. You can also present your own design if you want. You can ask for a free site visit either on the phone or by using our website.