Our services are integral in order to create the perfect kitchen. We can offer kitchen splashbacks to stylise your kitchen and protect walls from oil spills, stains and unwanted moisture. So alongside increasing the kitchen’s visual appeal, we can also protect your cooking environment for a long time. So, if you are renovating or building a new kitchen, you need to choose us for the right type of splashback service.

Types of Splashbacks


The options for splashbacks we offer are quite diverse. You can choose a multi-toned splashback or go for a bold and bright look. It all depends on your choice. You can also choose Glass Splashbacks from our site as they are in trend because of their incredible features. We at Sunlight Kitchen & Bedroom have specialised in making custom glass splashbacks in London for years. We have a huge number of glass materials for you to choose from. We can provide sparkle glass, sapphire glass or any other glass material that matches your taste.

Kitchen Glass Splashbacks in London


We not only provide a wide variety of kitchen splashbacks in London but also offer customised options. Moreover, one of the features of our company is the range of pre-made designs and styles we offer for glass splashbacks in London. From customised fittings to glitter splashback, we got you covered.

Why Should You Choose Our Glass Splashbacks?


Sun Light KB offer glass splashbacks that are reflective. Our Glass Splashback London team will help you choose and install a kitchen glass splashback that suits your interest. One of the main reasons why you should choose us is that we can style your pattern and artwork however you please. You can choose a sophisticated style or a sleek one. Whatever style you may have in your mind, we have options available for that particular taste.

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Types of Glass Splashbacks We Can Offer

Made to Measure Glass Splashbacks


We use a variety of techniques while designing your Made-to-measure glass splashback in London. This type of splashback is used to create a design that will fit into your house without having to force the splashback into the property. You can design the style according to the measurements made by our engineer.

Glass Cooker Splashbacks

To protect your cooker hob, our glass splashbacks are a perfect choice. The tough material we provide for the glass is designed to absorb unwanted moisture and withstand the cooker’s heat. It is also incredibly easy to clean as well. Making it an obvious choice for our customers.

Glass Oven Splashback

In order to avoid stains on your kitchen walls, you need to put a splashback behind the oven. Without a glass wall, you will enter into an unending cycle of replacing the plaster wall annually because of the heat that splashes through your oven. That is why putting a glass splashback from Sun Light KB is the perfect decision.

Why Choose Sunlight Kitchen & Bedroom

We offer a wealth of experience in the designs and manufacturing of bespoke glass splashbacks in London. We always construct your design with quality components. We believe that understanding our client’s needs is critical regarding kitchen splashback.

Glass Splashback London

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If you have any question feel free to contact us!

Affordability and Quality


We provide affordable prices as well as highly qualified staff that are knowledgeable enough to understand your needs. Unlike other companies, we always work as a team. From our designers to construction personnel, everyone plays an equal part in order to install the perfect splashback.

We Prioritise Our Customers


We handcraft your project at our workshop with intensive care and consideration. Your requirements are discussed then an initial design is made according to your demands. Once you approve the final draft, we will proceed with your project. Our work is collaborative. Everyone plays an equal part in our company to create a perfect splashback for you.