Your kitchen is the heart of your home. A proper kitchen layout and the right interior design are the differences between an aesthetic kitchen and a poor one. Many elements contribute to your kitchen’s interior design, and one of them is worktops. When it comes to worktops, you have several choices. You can go for those made with marble, stone, timber, etc., or you can simply go for the one that provides incredible utility and makes your kitchen look exotic. Invite our kitchen designers to your home. They will exchange ideas with you and provide you with the best options for laminate worktops London.

Create Any Look with Laminate Worktops

Laminate worktops either imitate wood or stone. Although there might be other varieties, these two are the most common and famous ones. Within these two categories exist such a large variety of patterns, designs, and colours that you can easily create or match with any decor. They can be cut to any shape and size, allowing you to design your kitchen exactly the way you have in mind. Whether you need to create round edges or you want to create apertures for your hob & sink, the ease with which laminate worktops can be shaped makes them highly adaptable. For bespoke laminate worktops in London, get in touch with our team, and we will help you build a highly aesthetic and visually pleasing kitchen in no time at highly competitive rates.

Promote Hygiene with our Laminate Worktops

Laminate worktops are the easiest to clean. Their manufacturing process helps create a waterproof surface, allowing you to wash them with soapy water. Other types of worktops may not fare that well with water. This makes cleaning laminate worktops an incredibly easy job. Even if you clean the worktops with a damp cloth, it will leave the surface shiny and clean. Clean surfaces imply that your kitchen will always be hygienic and positively affect your health. Get in touch with our craftsmen to design and install the perfect laminate worktops for your kitchen.

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High Durability

Our Compact laminate worktops are manufactured by combing together multiple layers of various materials. These may include melamine, fibreboard/particleboard, decorative paper(the design/pattern) and a top coat of overlay paper. This entire assembly is fused together with the help of pressure and heat. The resulting structure is heat resistant, waterproof, and highly aesthetic. Laminate worktops can therefore last a lifetime and stay scratch free. Call us for the best laminate worktops in London.

Highly Cost-effective

Laminate worktops are much more affordable than any other type of material. Compare them to timber, marble, stone or any other material, and you will find laminate worktops to be the least expensive. Despite their low cost, they offer more benefits than other materials and an unrivalled look. As they are waterproof and heat resistant, they last longer, further reducing your cost. The top coat is resistant to scratches, and you don’t have to worry about placing your cooking pots on them. Get in touch with us today for the best quality laminate worktops at highly competitive rates.

Laminate Worktops London

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Even Better Than the Real Thing

Laminate worktops not only offer wood and rock imitation at their best but have more benefits than them. Because timber and rock are much more expensive, it is much easier for many families to use laminate worktops, especially when building a new kitchen or completely refurbishing an old one. This price difference, however, does not mean that the aesthetic value of laminate worktops is any less than the original materials. Some designs and patterns look so real that one can hardly distinguish them. Check our website for all the available patterns and designs of our laminate worktops London. You can also look at some of our completed projects which can help you analyse our work quality and provide you with many kitchen design ideas.

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