Kitchen Splashbacks: Why Choose Glass Splashbacks?

No doubt house is a perfect reflection of your personality; every individual wants ideal things installed in their home according to their taste and style. Whether you like traditional, classic, or contemporary style, you aim to make the place look beautiful and attractive. Talking about home, the kitchen has always been a centre of attraction in the house, and when it comes to protecting the walls and other areas from splashes, what can work best other than kitchen splashbacks? While splashbacks are not only used in the kitchen but are also helpful when installed in bathrooms, these have been a primary choice kitchens specifically.

What is a Kitchen Splashback?

Splashback is a panel used to shield the walls and other kitchen surfaces. They are most frequently installed behind the stove in the kitchen to protect the wall from getting damaged by the splashes and heat caused by cooking. You can use numerous materials as splashbacks, but the most common are glass, tiles, stainless steel, and stone.

Glass Splashback

A Glass splashback is the material that attracts attention and plays a vital role in portraying your home as classy and attractive. Its unique colours can help you make your kitchen a beautiful place. Sunlight KB offers you a wide range of services in splashback design, fitting and installation.

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As experts, we understand that while presentability plays a vital role in the kitchen, another most important thing is functionality. So the question always arises whether glass splashback kitchen is a suitable functional option? Will it support the kitchen’s daily activities, and is it easy to handle? The answer is a big Yes! Splashbacks, whether printed glass splashbacks or simple ones, have always been beneficial. Splashbacks are

  • Hygienic
  • Without grout lines
  • Affordable
  • Available in unlimited colour choices
  • Offered with artwork or patterns
  • Sophisticated, modern, sleek

Natural light reflectors, giving out effect of depth and ample space.

Are Glass Splashbacks Safe?

We, as experts, understand your desire to aim for a classy-looking kitchen, but we are also aware of your concern regarding the safety, durability, and cost.

Addressing your concerns, all glass splashbacks we install are built using toughened glass; when it comes to safety, non-toughened glass is not a suitable option. Our glass is produced to the industry standard of toughened glass, i.e. 6mm. It is heat resistant, ideal for use behind the hob, and safe against cracks; non-toughened glass cannot offer you these benefits. Regarding glass splashback cost, toughened glass is a bit more expensive than non-toughened one but if you want value for money, then going for toughened glass is a wise decision.

Glass Splashbacks

Need Assistance?

If you have any question feel free to contact us!

Benefits of Glass Splashback

Here are a few of the benefits that can help make your decision of installing glass splashback easy:

Protection Against Stains: Hygienic and Easy Cleaning: Glass splashback offers protection against stains, harsh cooking oils, and splashes that can harm the paintwork or tiling. If you have ever faced a situation where you had to remove the sticky tomato sauce grease stain from the painted wall, you must know how important it is to install something easy to clean. It also helps prevent damage to the surface due to the steam produced by cooking. All you need to do is wipe off the condensation after some time to get back the same sparkling look. Some families pay great attention to hygiene as tiles can gather food splatters in the grout joints and, therefore, end up opting for glass splashback.

Personality: If you want to add a splash of colour or a unique touch to the kitchen, then glass splashback is suitable for you. We at Sunlight KB offer bespoke glass splashbacks tailored to your need, allowing you to maintain your kitchen according to your personality, liking and taste. Glass splashbacks come in an infinite number of colours, finishes, designs, and cuts. You can choose the design to blend your kitchen with the overall decoration or can make it stand out with something extraordinary. You can also choose to install printed glass flashbacks.

Ease of Installation: No doubt tile installation consumes a lot of time and money, but installing a custom-built glass splashback kitchen is easy, fast, and cost-effective.

Longevity and Return on Investment: As splashbacks do not get damaged fast, they last for years without calling for expenses incurred on continuous repairing, repainting, replacing tiles, or grouting. In short, it is the best way to protect the kitchen and bathroom walls from damps and stains. An installation expert can estimate the needed supply and make the fittings at your place; choose the best one and contact us right away for quality services.