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We provide fitted kitchens, fitted bedrooms, customized/bespoke furniture such as wardrobes, cabinets, etc. We also provide refurbishing services including kitchen worktop refurbishment. We have a highly professional team of fitters and designers who can provide you with the best kitchen and bedroom furniture solutions.

What is worktop refurbishment?

Countertops and Work surfaces such as kitchen worktops get damaged over the years due to excessive usage.

The busier your kitchen is, the higher wear and tear your countertops will experience. Their usage will lead to scratches, cracks, decolourization, stains, etc. When your kitchen worktop loses its luster, your kitchen can look older than it is.

Dull or damaged worktops will reduce the aesthetic value of your kitchen. However, most of these issues can be resolved by kitchen worktop resurfacing. Your worktop can look as good as new if you hire the right people for the job.

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Our Refurbishing Services

The kitchen worktop resurfacing services may include kitchen worktop repairs and finishing depending on the condition of your kitchen worktop. The refurbishing services also depend on the type of worktop you have. The typical set of services we provide to bring back your worktop to life include:

  • Chip Removal
  • Crack filling
  • Colour restoration
  • Burn restoration
  • Stain removal
  • Polishing
  • Sanding

Fortunately, our team with their experience and the most modern tools, can transform your old and damaged worktop into a new one.

Type of Worktops

Kitchen worktop repairs can differ based on their type. Kitchen worktop repairs will vary from worktop to worktop. The more traditional worktops were made of concrete and marble. These days a solid kitchen worktop is usually a tristone worktop or Corian worktop which has been manufactured from renewable surfaces. This implies that when these worktops get damaged, they can be easily revived by technicians.

Kitchen Worktop Refurbishment

Need Assistance?

If you have any question feel free to contact us!

Our Process

  • In the first step of kitchen worktop refurbishment, our local kitchen worktop fitters will remove all the silicone from the sink, hop, and the edges of the worktop, sink, and hob.
  • They will then clean the entire worktop and mask off the entire area.
  • They will then carry out sanding followed by repairs.
  • Once the repairs are complete, our technicians will prime the surface using the most modern tools.
  • The prime surface will be sanded once it is cured.
  • Our technicians will next spray paint the surface with your chosen colour and left to cure.
  • The next stage involves the application of the clear coat to provide gloss. This is usually done thrice to give it proper shine.
  • Once the surface is completely cured our local kitchen worktop fitters will remove the masking tape to apply fresh silicone. The entire process takes two to three days.

Why Hire Us?

Best Refurbishment

Kitchen worktop refurbishment is not an ordinary task especially if your worktop has numerous cracks in it. Only experienced people should handle it. Our technicians are highly experienced and trained in providing these services. They have completed numerous jobs to the complete satisfaction of our customers. Our technicians use the latest tools & gadgets to provide you with flawless and cost-effective services.

Affordable Cost

Your kitchen worktop repair cost depends on the level of damage your worktop has received over the years, the type of worktop, its size, and the labour hours required to refurbish it. For cheap Kitchen Worktop Refurbishment, get in touch with us. You will not find any other organization with such highly affordable rates. Our technicians will do their best to keep your kitchen worktop repair cost within your budget.

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Get in touch with us by calling us on our registered number. Talk to our representative in detail regarding your kitchen worktop refurbishment. Request a free site visit from our team, so that we are in a better position to analyse the level of refurbishment required and also provide you with an accurate cost estimate. If you accept our free quote, we will provide you with a booking date for installation. Our team will bring all the necessary tools and supplies on the booking date and provide you with the necessary services for the refurbishment of your kitchen worktop.