What is a Glass Splashback & How to Remove an Old one Successfully?

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A kitchen splashback plays an essential role in protecting the walls while setting the design and theme for your contemporary kitchen.

Though it is usually installed at the back of the sink, it can be placed near benchtops or cooktops due to the high chances of food splatter and moisture.

If we talk about their material and styles, historically, splashbacks were always tiled. However, many materials and designs are available with modern manufacturing.

Among a range of materials, glass splashbacks are the most popular among homeowners. Not only are they aesthetically pleasing, but they are also a perfect choice in terms of practicality and hygiene.

On the other, what if you are remodelling and want to remove the glass splashback safely? Whether you’re looking to replace it in a restaurant, bar, salon, pub or home, we have gathered a helpful guide on removing it without breaking it.

What Tools and Equipment Do You Need?

To remove a glass splashback successfully, you don’t need any special equipment, but proper equipment is important.

You will need the following supplies:

  • A wire cheese cutter
  • A rubber hammers
  • A chisel or crowbar
  • Plastic bin bags and gloves
  • Old towels or a spare cloth
  • Proper gear for eye protection

With the help of these tools, you may need a couple of extra hands. Getting help from a friend or family member is always a better idea to make the job much easier.

What Are the Steps to Take before Removing Your Splashback?

Before removing your splashback, there are some steps to take, which may include:

  • Ensure you have decluttered the kitchen
  • The countertops should be cleared
  • If the glass splashback did not come off in one piece, this would help clean the worktop.
  • Once the worktops are cleared, place the old cloth or towels over them.
  • Placing cloth will prevent glass splashback from breaking and damaging the worktop.
  • Furthermore, plug the sink to prevent it from clogging.

How to Remove your Glass Splashback?

Here are the steps to remember when removing your splashback.

  • Cut through the Silicone

Pick up your cheese wire cutter and cut the silicone sealant from the corner to the centre. Keep the pressure, and take your time as you slice, moving diagonally downwards.

  • Repeat the Process

Repeat the cutting process on the other side of the splashback.

  • Ease the Glass Away

  • After cutting the silicone, grab the chisel and remove the glass from the wall.
  • While doing this, grab some help, as it will be very useful.
  • If you cannot cut the silicone, use the rubber hammer to break the glass into small pieces.
  • To do this without getting yourself injured, start braking from the outer edges and move inwards.
  • Even if some parts do not come off, use a chisel to break them away.
  • Be careful when cleaning up the sharp shards to prevent yourself from injury.

Need Assistance?

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Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Removing an Old Glass Splashback

Sometimes, the adhesive does not come off with a wire cheese cutter; in such a situation, use a rubber hammer to bash the glass. And then, use a chisel to remove the remaining parts.

On the other hand, if you think you cannot handle the task yourself or the procedure is a bit too much; you can get in touch with us.

Yes, you can replace the old one with a modern one. Splashbacks are not part of the wall or a kitchen countertop. You can easily remove it and install a new one.

Glass splashbacks are made from toughened or tempered glass. They are cut according to the size; therefore, it is not recommended to re-cut them. It would be easier actually to get a new one.

Translucent silicone adhesive is used to fix the splashback to the wall, making the adhesive invisible and creating a strong bond. 

After removing the splashback, you could see the adhesive glued to the wall. You can scrape the adhesive with a metal scraper, like removing the plaster. You can also remove it by using a sharp knife to remove the rest.

Using a superglue is a big no, as it will become fragile and breakable with time. Moreover, it cannot be used as an adhesive because when you try to remove the glass splashback, it will end up in pieces.